The Local Government Management Association of BC is a non-profit association dedicated to providing professional development products and services to senior local government staff across BC. 

How does this partnership help First Nations build capacity?

The FNPSS and LGMA have historically worked independently in their respective mission to improve the capacity for their members, clients and stakeholders. It has become evident through informal discussions over a number of years that both organizations could achieve much greater results in pursuing these missions as well as fostering improved relationships between local governments and First Nations where we work together collaboratively to support each other’s efforts.

The MOU between the FNPSS and LGMA, signed back in 2012, is intended to celebrate the progress already made informally, while at the same time providing a statement of intend among our organizations to continue to work together in the future. 

What does LGMA have to offer?

Capacity building opportunities exist within their (MATI) programs and webinars. These courses offer participants extensive opportunities for skill building, discussion and interaction with a widely diverse group of leading academic and local government figures. 

Other topics for 2018 include:

  • Ethics – offered in the Fall
  • Performance Management
  • Planning Basics – offered in the Fall
  • Strategic Planning – offered in the Fall

Course Format

The course is presented in a webinar format with registrants participating via a toll-free telephone line and their computer in an on-line webinar conference. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the webinar.

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