FNPSS is mandated to provide capacity building support to BC First Nations and First Nation Organizations by BC First Nations and the First Nations Leadership Council. The BC First Nations Leadership Council recognized many years ago the importance of strengthening the capacity of its First Nation administrations for their communities to successfully implement their right to self-determination. BC First Nations, through the endorsement of the First Nations Leadership Council, have identified FNPSS as a priority for strengthening the First Nations public service.

First Nations Summit

After a 10-year hiatus, the FNPSS re-established operations in 2018, as an initiative of the First Nations Summit. The First Nations Summit is an action and solutions oriented First Nations-driven organization. The Summit’s original mandate is to advance discussions with the governments of Canada and BC to support First Nations in conducting their own direct treaty negotiations with Canada and BC.

Band Administrators Advisory Committee

Current BAAC Members



Collette Sunday - REVISED

Collette Sunday

Laura Antoine- REVISED

Laura Antoine

FNPSS established the Band Administrators Advisory Committee (BAAC) as a recognition of the key role band administrators play in their communities and the importance of the advice and insight they can provide to FNPSS.

The BAAC acts as FNPSS’ primary advisory board and guides all FNPSS work planning and projects.

While FNPSS’ mandate is to support capacity for all positions within First Nation administrations, following research and consultation with BC First Nations and stakeholders, the FNPSS determined that the First Nations band administrator (also referred to as band manager or chief executive officer) is an essential position in determining the capacity and success in First Nations operations.

The role of the band administrator continues to evolve as First Nations increase their decision-making authority, driving the need for knowledge and skills that may go beyond the administration of delegated authority over programming.

Many First Nations are establishing sophisticated operations to meet the needs of social programming, economic development, and other broad powers, all of which are dependent on well trained, high functioning, well supported band administrators for success.


BAAC Members are band administrators (or equivalent), with the exception of one rotational Program Manager position. BAAC membership terms are two years, revisited by the committee at the end of each term. All members must be current employees of a BC First Nation, and must secure and maintain support for their membership from their communities’ Chief and Council for the duration of their membership term. Every effort is made so that members represent the widest possible geographic representation of BC First Nation communities, as well as varied First Nation community sizes.

BAAC MEmber Representation