The Courage to Excel


To create and implement a collective plan to support First Nations communities and organizations in BC as they pursue excellence in capacity building and human resource development.


BC First Nations that are exercising their decision-making rights and responsibilities through governments and administrations that strive for excellence in community service.


The First Nations Public Service Secretariat’s (FNPSS) mission is to strengthen and enhance capacity in First Nations communities and organizations, on an individual and nation level.


  1. Strengthen and support relationships between First Nations Leadership, administration and communities;
  2. Coordinate and strengthen human resource development for Nation workers in the core competencies: human, financial, records and information management, and policy development;
  3. Support and enhance human resource development efforts for Nation workers in a range of professional sectors such as health, education, children and families, resource management.

The First Nations Public Service Secretariat Revitalization

The Reconciliation movement between Indigenous People’s of Canada and the Crown is a prime opportunity to revitalize the FNPSS initiative once again. 

The recent announcements of the Federal Liberal Government’s commitment to the renewal of nation-to-nation and government-to-government relationship with Indigenous Peoples’.  This commitment has been articulated in the 10 Principles respecting the Government of Canada’s relationship with Indigenous Peoples’ and even more starkly with the confirmation of the commitment “to dissolve the Department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs and to replace it with two distinct, though complimentary, departments, each with its own minister” included in both the mandate letters of the new Ministers of Indigenous Services and Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs.

Other signals that the time is ripe to keep pressing forward with Indigenous self-government include the commitment to establish a new fiscal relationship with Indigenous Peoples’, the commitment to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and to make progress on the implementation of the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

In order for First Nations Governments to fully participate in the implementation of these commitments they will require the appropriate capacity both human and financial.  In 2008, BC First Nations Leadership determined that there was a significant need for support for BC First Nations to build capacity in their administrations to be able to effectively and efficiently carry out their increasing decision-making powers; jurisdiction, authority or administration.  At that time funding was secured and for the next five years progress was made in establishing the First Nations Public Service Secretariat.

Despite setbacks over the past decade, the First Nations Public Service Secretariat was re-established in November 2017, after being on hiatus since March 2013.  The FNPSS’ mission continues to be supporting First Nations’ in BC to strengthen their own public service, and to enhance the capacity in First Nation communities and organizations, on an individual and Nation level, by coordinating activities across core public service sectors. 

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