About the First Nations Public Service Secretariat

Who We Are

The First Nations Public Service Secretariat (FNPSS) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen and enhance capacity in First Nations communities and organizations, on an individual, organization, and Nation level.

What We Do

The primary purpose of FNPSS is to create and implement a collective plan to support BC First Nation communities and organizations across the core public service sectors as they pursue excellence in their own governments and administrations.

Through engagement with BC First Nations, FNPSS has identified three primary goals



Strengthen and support relationships between First Nations Leadership, administration, and communities.



Coordinate and strengthen human resource development for Nation workers in the core competencies: human resources, financial and information management, and policy development.



Support and enhance human resource development efforts for Nation workers in a range of professional sectors such as health, education, children and families, resource management, etc.

FNPSS has identified four core pillars of public service capacity

Human Resources Management

Financial Management

Records and Information Management

Policy Development and Implementation

FNPSS targets its activities on supporting capacity building across those areas.

How we do it

FNPSS listens to BC First Nations to define our and priorities and our work.

We bring First Nations experts and partner organizations together to make training opportunities more readily available to BC First Nations.

We develop new tools and training, and tailor existing ones to better meet the needs of BC First Nations.

We support coordination across organizations to avoid duplication and identify and address gaps.


We are represented by an Eagle, a powerful symbol for First Nations, in particular the people of the Northwest Coast. The Eagle signifies focus, great strength, peace, leadership, and wisdom. These are traits embodied by those that serve their communities in First Nation administrations and traits we strive to incorporate in everything we do at FNPSS. The Eagle soars to great heights; FNPSS aims to give First Nation public servants the courage to soar too.

Our logo is the work of an Indigenous graphic designer, Robert Mearns, from Poho Studio. If you're looking for a designer and like what you see, contact him at info@poho.studio.

If you wish to use the FNPSS logo in your products, please contact info@fnps.ca for images and our brand guidelines.

The reality is that we already have a First Nations Public Service, but we don’t acknowledge it and work to make it effective and credible.

Our History

Our Future

FNPSS was founded in 2009 because BC First Nations Leadership recognized that there was a need for support for BC First Nations to build capacity in their administrations. Our aim is to provide support for BC First Nations that will allow them to effectively and efficiently carry out their increasing decision-making powers, whether through greater jurisdiction, increased authority or overall administration.

Since its re-establishment in 2018, FNPSS has reaffirmed its mandate and objectives through engagement with BC First Nations, and its mission continues to be supporting First Nations in BC to strengthen their own public service.

Since its re-establishment in 2017, FNPSS has reaffirmed its mandate and objectives through engagement with BC First Nations, and its mission continues to be supporting First Nations in BC to strengthen their own public service.

Our Team


Jehan Casey





Celina Dorame

Engagement Coordinator



Hannah Desharnais

Communications  Program Assistant



Jacqueline Armstrong

Program Assistant



Bernice Timmer

Manager, Planning and Policy


ArikaKaneko (2)

Arika Kenako

Records Management Project Assistant