Welcome to the FNPSS COVID-19 Information and Resource page.

As BC First Nation communities and individuals confront and manage the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, access to accurate information from multiple sources in a timely manner is essential. On this page you will find links to information related to health, financial supports, and emergency response resources gathered from various trusted First Nation and government organizations.

At a Glance - Coordinated Response to COVID-19 Pandemic in BC

FNPSS Webinars and Mentorship

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FNPSS also hosts free webinars which cover a variety of topics in relation to the COVID-19 response in BC First Nation communities. To register for upcoming webinars and to view recordings of past webinars, visit here.


Health and Prevention of COVID-19

First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) plays a role within the provincial emergency management structure by providing health and wellness services to support BC First Nation communities. For COVID-19 response, FNHA (in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Office of the Provincial Health Officer and Regional Health Authorities) supports communities through direct coordination of response to medical and health-related requests.

Health Care

Mental Health

Contact Information

For general inquiries: COVID19@fnha.ca

For FNHA and community health care providers (CHNs, HD, etc.) or CDE planning questions: CDMgmt@fnha.ca

Personal Protective Equipment: COVID19needs@fnha.ca

For individual health care and COVID-19 questions call 8-1-1 or primary care provider.

Financial Supports and Benefits


In partnership with the BC Federal Council, FNPSS has created a series of informational one-pagers that outline useful supports and resources available on key topics related to COVID-19. Please share them with your organizations and communities.

COVID-19 AT A GLANCE – Housing Resources for BC First Nation Individuals,
October 6

COVID-19 AT A GLANCE – Resources for all BC First Nation Individuals,
October 6

COVID-19 AT A GLANCE – Benefits & Personal Tax Returns for BC First Nations,
October 6

COVID-19 AT A GLANCE – Resources for BC First Nation Post-Secondary Students,
October 6

COVID-19 AT A GLANCE – Food Security for BC First Nation Communities,
October 6

Contact Information

Service Canada (including a special number for those who have do not have access to the internet)

Non-health related information and services (Province of BC): 1-888-COVID-19

Non-health related questions and requests (ISC BC Region): aadnc.iscbccovid19.aandc@canada.ca / 604-209-9709

Income Assistance (ISC BC Region): aadnc.tsdbsoutien-bsdwsupport-bc.aandc@canada.ca / 1-888-440-4080

Updates from Indigenous Services Canada

ISC BC Region is supporting First Nations on-reserve in coronavirus response through a number of programs and services, including the Emergency Management Assistance Program and Income Assistance. The department will also play a role in delivering distinction-based funding as announced by the Prime Minister.

ISC BC Region Updates

ISC Contact Information

Non-health related questions and requests: aadnc.iscbccovid19.aandc@canada.ca / 604-209-9709

Income Assistance: aadnc.tsdbsoutien-bsdwsupport-bc.aandc@canada.ca / 1-888-440-4080

Emergency Management Assistance Program: bcaandc.do@canada.ca

Lands and Economic Development: See PDF

Emergency Response

Emergency Management BC (EMBC) is the Province’s lead coordinating agency for emergency response to non-health related needs of COVID-19 impacts. This work is done in collaboration with local governments, First Nations, provincial and federal departments, industry, non-government organizations and volunteers. They also host regular regional coordination calls, which First Nations are invited to join. EMBC Regional Operations offices will function as universal entry for Indigenous communities seeking supports.


Contact Information

EMBC office contacts

Emergency Management Assistance Program (ISC BC Region): bcaandc.do@canada.ca