FNPSS provides training and other opportunities that support capacity building in BC First Nation communities and organizations as they pursue excellence in their own governments and administrations.

"Always wonderful to have the opportunity to learn from other nations and build connections."

Participant at Policy Development Management Training Academy

“Lots of information and good resources.”

Participant at Human Resources Management Training Academy

“Thank you for the great workshop! These sessions really put into perspective how much my Nation has to do - and I look forward to being a part of the process!!”

Participant at Records and Information Management Training Academy

Management Training Academies

Our Management Training Academies (MTAs) aim to help participants return to their organizations with capacity enhancing strategies they can implement immediately. MTAs provide tools and training specifically tailored to BC First Nations' needs, from experts in the core competencies: Records and Information Management (RIM), Policy Development, Human Resource Management (HR), and Financial Management.

In 2019, FNPSS hosted ten successful Management Training Academies across BC that focused on Policy Development, Records and Information Management and Human Resources Management. FNPSS will continue to deliver MTAs in the 2020 fiscal year. To receive information about upcoming MTAs, sign-up to receive email alerts or contact

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Policy Development

Policy is a tool that helps support communities as they achieve their goals and clarifies how governments operate to the benefit of the citizens. Through our introductory policy workshop participants will build understanding of the purpose and objectives of policy, learn more about how it is used effectively, and engage in discussion on practical and everyday examples of policy at work within communities. The workshops also focus on creating and sustaining policy frameworks that are aimed at achieving social, governance, economic and environmental success.

FNPSS is currently developing a follow-up policy workshop that will take policy development to the next phase and talk about implementation, managing risks, communication, and evaluating your community’s policies. More info coming soon!

Upcoming Policy Development MTAs - Visit Upcoming Events for details.

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Records and Information Management (RIM)

The purpose of the RIM MTA is to provide action focused training that will help participants return to their organizations with strategies for managing their information. During the workshop, participants engage in “hands on” reviews of information capture and control, filing systems, electronic records, security issues and control systems. Additionally, participants work together to develop a strategy, plan and budget guidelines for the establishment and operation of a records and information management program in their respective organizations.

All participants also receive a copy of the FNPSS First Nations Information Management Toolkit. These toolkits include valuable information and implementation strategies to help facilitate the incorporation of the skills learned at the workshop.

Upcoming RIM MTAs - Visit Upcoming Events for details.

If you want to be notified of upcoming offerings of the introductory RIM MTA sign-up to receive email alerts or contact To request a hardcopy of the FNPSS First Nations Information Management Toolkit, email

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Human Resource Management (HR)

The purpose of the Human Resource Management (HR) MTA is to provide training that will support participants in developing an HR plan that reinforces the current and future direction of your nation or community. Participants will discover strategic planning tools that are vital to this HR development, including SWOT analysis, tools for training and development, recruitment, reporting, performance management, plan monitoring, evaluation, and more. Additionally, participants will gain a valuable understanding of the management of HR roles and responsibilities within their teams.

Upcoming HR Management MTAs - Visit Upcoming Events for details.

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The 2019 FNPSS conference focused on how partnerships are 'Breaking Barriers and Creating Connections' between First Nations, First Nation organizations, government, and others to enhance and build capacity in our Nations and communities.

If you’re interested in participating in our Conference Planning Committee, please send us an email at

If you have any suggests for themes / topics or if you’re interested in presenting, please get in touch with us at

What to expect?

Plenary sessions with keynotes and panels from First Nation leadership, full day pre-conference workshops and breakouts on policy development, human resources management, records and information management and case study sessions with First Nation groups.

Who should attend?

First Nations Band Administrators, their management and office staff, Chief and Council, First Nations Youth, Tribal Councils, First Nations Organizations, and anyone with an interest in First Nation administration and governance.

The 2018 Annual FNPSS Conference was attended by approximately 150 First Nations, Federal and Provincial Government staff and partner organization representatives. The conference featured a panel of experts in the public service, Indigenous youth, a series of workshops with First Nations experts and networking sessions.

Mentorship & Knowledge Sharing

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The Mentorship Network supports Band Administrator mentor and mentee relationships to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience. The initiative’s aim is to provide opportunities for band administrators and other First Nation workers to support and learn from one another.

Online Community

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The Mentorship Network supports the sharing of knowledge and experience between First Nations’ administrators and elected leaders. The Network aims to provide opportunities for band administrators, elected leaders, and other First Nation workers to support and learn from one another.

Webinar Wednesdays, which feature speakers on topics of current interest and relevance to BC First Nations administrators and leaders, are based on First Nation to First Nation learning and are a key element of the FNPSS Mentorship Network.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee or would like to propose a topic or speaker for Webinar Wednesdays, please contact

Partnership Initiatives

FNPSS relies on our partners to ensure we are offering the highest quality in training and resources to First Nations, and minimizing duplication and maximizing resources. Through partnerships we work collaboratively with various organizations and levels of government to help First Nation communities excel and build capacity.

LGMA Scholarship

FNPSS collaborates with the Local Government Management Association of BC (LGMABC) through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). As a non-profit association, LGMA BC provides training, education and professional development for senior managers in municipalities and regional districts. LGMA BC welcomes opportunities to partner with First Nations governments to build better understanding between First Nations and local government administrations.

We are pleased to announce, in partnership with the LGMA, that the BC First Nations Public Service Scholarship is now available. The scholarship is open to Indigenous applicants who are working in a non-elected role in any BC First Nation government and are enrolled in an accredited post-secondary course or program. Review the criteria along with other LGMA Scholarships and apply online by 4:30 September 30.

The Association pledged in 2015 to establish the BC First Nations Public Service Scholarship Fund. Together, LGMA BC and FNPSS fundraised towards a goal of $100k to be ready to launch the scholarship in 2020. The scholarship will support education for employees of First Nation governments in BC.

Institute of Public Administration of Canada - Volunteer Indigenous Policy Project

The VIP project is an initiative that aims to match experienced policy expert volunteers from Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) with First Nations with policy project needs. A key principle of the VIP initiative is mutual and reciprocal learning; the IPAC expert will not perform the work for the community, but will assist by sharing their expertise. This approach achieves two goals, building capacity within the community while meeting a real policy need that the community might otherwise have hired a consultant to undertake.

The VIP Project is based on the success of the Transitional Governance Project implemented using this model in Lil’wat Nation. They recently presented at the FNPSS 2019 Breaking Barriers – Building Connections conference, and you can hear them speak about their experience by watching the IPAC webinar.

In partnership with FNPSS, IPAC intends to pilot VIP projects in Spring 2020 with BC First Nations communities and IPAC volunteer experts.

For more information about the VIP project please contact us at


Are you interested in volunteering with FNPSS at one of our events?

FNPSS relies on the generous contributions of our volunteers to ensure the success of our events and initiatives. Our volunteers contribute in numerous ways, including: sharing expertise as a trainer, facilitator, or advisor, or through note taking, registration support, and other administrative duties. It can be a phenomenal learning experience for government employees looking to learn more about BC First Nations, and for First Nation youth and employees who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend FNPSS events.

Previous volunteer roles and notable organizations that have donated volunteer time

Planning committee for FNPSS 2019 'Breaking Barriers - Creating Connections' conference

BC Federal Council (BCFC) representatives at FNPSS conferences and Management Training Academies (MTA)

BC First Nation employees

First Nation youth, including representatives from the BC Indigenous Youth Internship Program (IYIP)