At FNPSS we rely on our partners to ensure we are offering the highest quality in training and resources to First Nations, and minimizing duplication while maximizing resources. Through partnerships we work collaboratively with various organizations and levels of government to help First Nation communities excel and build capacity. We also work with other First Nation institutions and organizations in BC and across Canada to facilitate coordinated support for capacity development in governance and governance administration.

FNPSS has many informal partners, but has formalized partnerships through agreements with various organizations.

Note: The First Nations Summit Society (FNSS) is a signatory to all FNPSS agreements as the legal body in which FNPSS is housed.


FNPSS and the FNSS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ARMA Canada Region, ARMA Vancouver Chapter and ARMA Vancouver Island Chapter on April 25, 2019, committing to work together to identify learning needs and develop and implement strategies to strengthen and enhance the information governance capacity of First Nations in British Columbia, First Nations’ governing bodies and institutions.

ARMA Canada Region, and the local ARMA Chapters, are associations of Records and Information Management professionals in Canada under ARMA International. The members and committees of ARMA Canada, Vancouver and Vancouver Island have expertise in Records and Information Management (RIM) and associated methodologies.

The 2019 MOU replaced a previous MOU signed with ARMA Canada and Vancouver in 2010.

Joint Activities

  • Through the 2019 MOU, the parties agreed to the establishment of the Information Governance Advisory Committee (IGAC) to provide advisory expertise, and develop and implement work plans for mentorship, training and capacity building opportunities in records management and information governance.
  • IGAC is a committee of volunteers dedicated to supporting the FNPSS-ARMA MOU and records and information management capacity in BC First Nations. For more information on IGAC, or to volunteer on the committee, please contact the IGAC Chair, Jennifer Jansen at
  • Together, FNPSS, ARMA experts and IGAC have developed curriculum and delivered RIM Management Training Academies (MTA) for First Nation participants from across BC; hosted a RIM day pre-conference event prior to the FNPSS 2019 Breaking Barriers - Creating Connections conference; and hosted a train-the-trainer session to support experienced RIM experts, trainers and consultants in building their First Nation cultural competencies to better support First Nations in their work.
  • During the previous FNPSS iteration, prior to 2013, the FNPSS contracted ARMA experts to develop the Records and Information Management (RIM) Toolkit relevant for BC First Nations communities, hosted the RIM Symposium for BC First Nations, and several RIM bootcamps.

Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC)

The Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) and FNPSS with the First Nations Summit signed a renewed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in June 2018, to formalize their partnership and commitment to undertake joint programming, research, and sharing and developing resource materials and publications to advance public service excellence in First Nation communities and institutions, and across all levels of government.

News Release

IPAC is an association of public servants, academics, and others who believe in the importance of public service. It is a national membership-based non-profit organization that focuses on the practice of public sector administration and management, with 19 regional groups across Canada. In addition to working with IPAC nationally, FNPSS has close working relationships with IPAC Vancouver and Victoria chapters.

Joint Activities

  • IPAC and FNPSS have developed a joint work plan identifying the activities determined to be of priority to First Nations and IPAC members. Partnership activities include: the Volunteer Indigenous Policy (VIP) project (an initiative that aims to match experienced policy expert volunteers from IPAC with First Nations with policy project needs); webinars; case studies; providing expert facilitators for training and conferences, and support for one-another’s events and outreach initiatives.
  • If you want to know more about IPAC’s networking, webinars, resources, the VIP project or other activities, please contact us at

Local Government Management Association of BC (LGMA)

The LGMA of BC is a non-profit association dedicated to providing professional development products and services to senior local government staff across BC.

The LGMA and the FNPSS have had a longstanding partnership to collaborate on training and professional development to strengthen and enhance the professional capacity of their respective members so that they may better serve their communities.

The organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together to share resources, best practices and work collaboratively to support each other’s efforts to support local government and First Nation government professionals. They also work together to foster improved relationships between BC local governments and First Nations.

BC First Nations Public Service Scholarship

We are pleased to announce, in partnership with the LGMA, that the BC First Nations Public Service Scholarship is now available. The scholarship is open to Indigenous applicants who are working in a non-elected role in any BC First Nation government and are enrolled in an accredited post-secondary course or program. Review the criteria along with other LGMA Scholarships and apply online by 4:30 September 30.


The BC First Nations Public Service Scholarship was established in 2019 in celebration of the Local Government Management Association’s 100th anniversary. In 2015, the LGMA made a commitment to its members to facilitate greater engagement between First Nations and local government staff to increase efforts towards deeper understanding and reconciliation.

This scholarship aims to provide support for Indigenous professionals to access training related to the administration or management of public services in their First Nation government. The scholarship is valid for one year in the amount of up to $1,000 and will be provided to the successful candidate(s) as a voucher to the specified post-secondary institution upon proof of registration.

Click here to donate to the scholarship fund or learn more:

British Columbia Federal Council (BCFC)

The First Nations Public Service Secretariat (FNPSS), the First Nations Summit (FNS) and the British Columbia Federal Council (BCFC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in June 2019 to formalize their commitment to working together to enhance public service development for BC First Nations communities and representatives of federal departments through horizontal exchange of tools and experience that will allow for significant two-way learning.

The MOU represents a commitment between the FNPSS, FNS, the BCFC, and signatories from the following 17 federal departments and agencies in BC towards mutual collaboration and support:

  • Canada Coast Guard
  • Canada Revenue Agency
  • Canada School of Public Service
  • Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Indigenous Services Canada
  • Ministry of Justice- British Columbia Regional Office
  • Parks Canada
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Public Service Commission of Canada
  • Public Services and Procurement Canada
  • Service Canada
  • Transport Canada
  • Western Economic Diversification
  • Statistics Canada- Western Region and Northern Territories
  • Natural Resources Canada

MOU Goals and Objectives

  • Sharing best practices in public administration;
  • Arranging short-term exchange visits/study tours;
  • Facilitating mentorship and/or job shadowing opportunities;
  • Jointly hosting learning events, as appropriate, to facilitate knowledge exchange, drawing on existing in-kind resources and programs; and
  • Committing to working horizontally to capture the expertise and specialized knowledge of various federal departments, as appropriate.

Next Steps

The FNPSS, FNS, and BCFC intend to create a consolidated GOC Program List to share with First Nations Band Administrators in BC, launch a pilot exchange program between Regional Federal Departments and First Nations communities/organizations, and support Indigenous internship opportunities in the federal government and First Nation administrations.

First Nation Organizations

On November 7, 2019, the FNPSS signed an unprecedented Protocol on Cooperation and Communication with nine other First Nations organizations. The Protocol will facilitate the coordination of the political and technical strength of the signatories and will support first nations to drive fiscal discussions and develop capacity.

The signatories include:

  • British Columbia Assembly of First Nations
  • The First Nations Summit
  • The Union of BC Indian Chiefs
  • The First Nations Financial Management Board
  • The First Nations Tax Commission
  • The First Nations Finance Authority
  • The Lands Advisory Board
  • The Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of BC
  • The First Nations Public Service Secretariat
  • The New Relationship Trust

Together these organizations will work to better support capacity development in governance and governance administration in First Nation communities in British Columbia.

Together these organizations will work to better support capacity development in governance and governance administration in First Nation communities in British Columbia.

Read the press release below:

Signed Protocol

Protocol Press Release